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Selinus theatre

The neoclassic Selinus theatre has a façade based on the temples of Selinunte with four Doric columns, frieze with triglyphs and crowned with a triangular gable: Work on it started in 1873,and was finished in 1908 by the architect Giovanni Patricolo from Palermo; the curtain depicting the Empedocle fra i Selinuntini per la bonifica delle acque -Empedocle among the people of Selinunte for the reclaiming of the water (1910) is by Gennaro Pardo from Castelvetrano. The  decoration of the boxes of central second tier, with two feminine sculptures made out of stone by Leonardo Croce from Trapani is also interesting.
The site of the theatre was previously occupied by a hotel which in 1787 Goethe was a guest

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