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  • Ruins of Poggioreale
  • Ruins of Poggioreale
  • Ruins of Poggioreale
Ruins of Poggioreale
There is a suggestive atmosphere in the old centre which was abandoned after the earthquake of 1968 that destroyed 80% of it, defined as a ghost town and chosen as the set for some scenes of famous films like La piovra, L’uomo delle stelle, Malena, Cefalonia. In the urban fabric one can still see the chess-board style layout, the road system and the buildings, most of which still have their perimeter walls. It is possible to walk up Corso Umberto I, la strata di la cursa – the street of the curse along which the are the remains of the main buildings: the Town Hall, the school, the post office, the municipal theatre, the church of Sant’Antonio da Padova. From piazza Elimo, the large stairway which leads to the Mother Church can be made out, of which remain some parts of the perimeter walls and the high bell tower. The ancient Cannoli fountain, in the centre of the square of the same name also remains

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