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  • Church and convent of Carmine Nuovo
  • Church and convent of Carmine Nuovo
Church and convent of Carmine Nuovo

La church, rebuilt after the post earthquake demolition, was founded in 1646 and has few ancient parts left. In the apse area the pre-existing parts are are highlighted both outside and inside. The church holds fine painting paintings and sculptures from churches which no longer exist, including four paintings attributed fra Felice da Sambuca,  and a painting thought to be by Vito D’Anna.
The Madonna della Febbre-Madonna of the Fevers, by Bartolomeo Pompeiano (1526), which is thought to miraculously cure fevers is interesting both from a devotional and artistic point of view
Attached to the church is the austere convent (1646) with an ashlar doorway, moulding and consoles in mannerist style.

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