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  • Statue of Saint John the Baptiste
  • San Giovanni Church
  • San Giovanni Church
  • San Giovanni Church
San Giovanni Church

This church has existed since 1339, but during the centuries it has gone through many changes and enlargements. It is characterized by a double façade with walls, of a severe light and shade intensity that culminates with an ample and splendid dame. The church was built in a panoramic position of particular beauty, that still allows the admiration of the valley and the coast up to Mount Cofano. Today it is used as an auditorium since it is no longer a place of worship. Inside the church of San Giovanni Battista (Saint John the Baptist) one can admire a sculpture depicting San Giovanni Evangelista- Saint John the Evangelist by Antonino Gagini and a statue of San Giovanni Battista - Saint John the Baptist, a work by Antonello Gagini.

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